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Alameda County Public Health Department
CAPE Unit/Health Education

CAPE Model

Dana Cruz, MPH
Director, Health Education and Promotion
Alameda County Public Health Department
1000 San Leandro Blvd. Suite 100
San Leandro, CA 94577
PH: (510) 618-2084
FAX: (510) 618-2084

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Department Overview

The Alameda County Public Health Department has 600+ employees. Health Education is part of the Department’s Community Assessment, Planning, and Education (CAPE) Unit. The driving force behind this unit is a Community Assessment Model which seeks to build healthy communities through three primary means:

  • Community health status and indicators;
  • Community Partnerships – Building Relationships;
  • Community Capacity Building – Tools for Neighborhood Development.

The initiation of a community health assssment process requires knowledge of neighborhood community organizing efforts, community priorities, and existing relationships between neighbors, associations, and organizations. Assessment outcomes are used for community and public health planning, resource allocation, and policy development.

Major Service Areas

  • Develop and produce public health assessments;
  • Develop policy recommendations and action plans based on public health assessments;
  • Develop and produce guidelines for health promotion activities;
  • Evaluate actions plans and health promotion strategies;
  • Design, implement, and evaluate staff development and training;
  • Develop, implement and monitor quality assurance measures;
  • Provide consultation and technical assistance in assessment, policy development, planning, and assurance functions.

Job & Internship Opportunities
Job positions include epidemiologists, demographers, entry level (BA) health educators and master’s level health educators. Internship opportunities within the health education field exist in the areas of training, community assessment, community health education and promotion activities, and materials development.

Job Contact
Human Resources Department
Alameda County
Lakeside Plaza Building
100 – 14th Street
Oakland, CA 94612
PH: (510) 272-6425
FAX: (510) 272-6424

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Internship Contact 
Anita Siegel
Deputy Director of Public Health
Alameda County Public Health Department
1000 Broadway, Suite 500
Oakland, CA 94607
PH: (510) 628-7600
FAX: (510) 628-7894